Ethos & Values

Be Your Best

At Goodwin, we are committed to transforming the life chances of our students, ensuring that all are supported and encouraged to achieve their personal best.

We deliver this through the BEST Agenda -‘Be Your Best’ with BEST being an acronym for B = Brilliance, E = Enrichment, S = Society and T = Thinking.


At Goodwin Academy, you will be supported to be brilliant in everything you do.

Our ethos is to encourage our students to be their best self, striving for brilliance in all areas of their learning. Students at Goodwin develop an understanding that in order to achieve there has to be challenge. Overcoming these difficult times and building resilience is part of the journey towards any form of success, small or large. Brilliance is the reward of having the right habits of mind, which our students will develop through the Gateways to Success. 

'The overarching ethos is one of care, compassion and high expectations dedicated to the holistic development of every student as lifelong learners, equipped for the challenges ahead.' 

- University of Exeter 2022


At Goodwin Academy, you will encounter a variety of educational opportunities outside of the classroom.

Learning does not only take place inside the classroom, instead we encourage our students to see each experience as a learning opportunity. At Goodwin, we want our students to engage and embrace the world around them. Cultural Capital is an important part of a well-rounded education, encouraging students to take themselves out of their comfort zone and see a world of opportunities. Transferable knowledge is key to being able to contextualise our learning; the wider our experiences, the more able learner we become due to our broader understanding.


At Goodwin Academy, you will be encouraged to develop as a responsible, active and informed world citizen, demonstrating mutual respect, empathy and community spirit.

We live in a global community, therefore it is essential that our students understand their role and responsibilities that come with living in a democratic society. Students at Goodwin are active not only in the immediate community of Deal, but also working with national and international agencies to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  At Goodwin, we believe to become effective individuals in society, it is essential that each of our students aspire to be the best citizen and develop the fundamental values that are key in British society today.



At Goodwin Academy, you will join a global community of thinkers.

A “Thinking School” is an educational community in which all members share a common commitment to providing careful thought to everything that takes place. This involves both students and staff learning how to think reflectively, critically and creatively, and employing these skills and techniques in the co-construction of a meaningful curriculum and associated activities. Students are supported to think for themselves through the development of a thorough understanding of thinking tools that are used to aid and monitor their own progress. Research from the University of Exeter highlights that students who attend a “Thinking School” on average achieve one GCSE grade higher in comparison to pupils starting at the same point at a non “Thinking school”.

The “Thinking School” approach arms learners with skills that better prepare them for the ever-changing world we live in. Students achieve this through developing their confidence to map out their ideas independently and reflect upon these processes. As students become more confident, their motivation improves, enabling vibrant and collaborative learning environments.