Work Experience

At Goodwin Academy, students will encounter a variety of educational opportunities outside of the classroom. We believe in providing opportunities for our students to pursue their passions beyond the school gates. By experiencing a range of cultural events, our students will deepen their knowledge about the opportunities available to them to ensure they leave the academy as well-rounded individuals. Through our value of Enrichment our students, will broaden their horizons to 'Be Your BEST'.

Examples of Enrichment activities include:

  • Trips and visits
  • Sporting activities and Duke of Edinburgh
  • Performances and productions
  • Work experience

Students participate in work experience in Year 10, allowing them to gain hands on experience in a range of industries which can support their applications to jobs later on in life. 

Year 10 Work Experience

From Terms 2 to 6, Year 10 students will have the opportunity to taking part in their work Experience placements. 

The experience will consist of two 2-day placements. This can be with one employer or two different employers. 

For full information about the process, please refer to our Year 10 Work Experience presentation below. Alternatively, please speak to Mr Dixon.