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School Uniform

There are many good reasons for wearing a uniform; it creates an identity for students, it encourages a feeling of belonging and of having pride in the Academy and in appearance, it is also by far the most sensible and smartest way to dress during school time. Therefore, I have no doubt that the very high standards that we expect from students will be supported by this new uniform.

Any departure from the Academy’s uniform code will be challenged and may result in the student being isolated within the Academy or sent home to change (with the parents/carers permission). Repeat/persistent breaches will be viewed as defiance and dealt with at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Academy uniform can be purchased from Simmonds. There are six compulsory items (listed below) that must be purchased for all students in Years 7-10. For Year 11, the new PE uniform is optional, so the main uniform items will only need to be purchased (blazer, tie and trouser/skirt).

Academy Main Uniform (Years 7-11)

  • Academy Blazer
  • Trouser/Skirt
  • Tie

Academy PE Uniform (Years 7-11)

  • Polo Shirt
  • Tracksuit Bottoms/Leggings
  • Shorts/Skirt

Please view the following document to find out how our uniform should look.

Uniform Code