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Coronavirus Update / FSM Update

Further information about how our Trust and schools are taking necessary precautions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, can be found in our Trust’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) website section’.

If any key worker whose child is not currently using our childcare facility and is unable to provide childcare at home, you must give the school 24 hours’ notice that you need to use this provision so that we can provide appropriate staffing. This means emailing or calling 01304 403 103 by 9am the day before. For Monday provision, please ensure that you contact the school by 9am on the preceding Friday. Students arriving without giving 24 hours’ notice may be turned away if we do not have adequate staffing.

Form Tutors

Tutor  Tutor  Tutor Email  HoY HOY email
7GEC Mrs Silk RWI
7OMC Mr Murphy
7DSH Mr Visagie
7WFN Mr Myers/ Mrs Hutton /    
7IIB Mr Khan
7NSH2 Mrs Berduig/ Mr Seale /
7AMC2 Mr Curling
8GSH Mr Brady DLO
8OFN Mrs Ward-Jones
8DIB Mr Alton
8WEC Mr Garbett
8IMC Mrs Lake
8NIB2 Mrs Bevan-Powell
8AEC2 Mrs Butcher
9GEC Mrs Measday CDA
9OSH Miss Cribben
9DFN Miss Denvir
9WIB Mrs O’Brien 
10GIB Mrs Hayes-Watkins RBU
10OMC Mr Barnes
10DSH Mrs Mehlin
10WFN Mr Knott
10IEC Mr Towe
11GEC Miss Brown RWR
11OIB Mrs Brookfield
11DMC Miss Gaythwaite
11WSH Mr Dixon
11IFN Mr Paissereau
GMC (Y12) Mrs D Bradford DBR
OSH (Y13) Mrs D Bradford