At Goodwin Academy, we aim to provide an exciting and engaging learning environment that looks to nurture the whole child.


We will do this by supporting their social and emotional needs, teaching them to become confident, independent learners who can thrive in a changing and demanding world and are proud of their achievements, encouraging their creative talents and guiding them to make informed choices about their future.

Our conduct and relationships policy will underpin this and support our students to become inquisitive, respectful, honest, responsible and resilient members of their school and wider society who celebrate and embrace diversity.

As a rights respecting school, it is our aim to embed these values in daily academy life, facilitating our transforming life chances agenda.

Our students will feel safe and cared for and will know that they are at the heart of our community.

We will ensure that our vision of ‘Child first’ is embedded in everything we do to ensure every child learns, every child achieves, and every child is looking forward and has ambitious aspirations for their future.

At Goodwin Academy, we believe that promoting positive behaviour for learning and allowing students opportunities to correct poor conduct, supports them to develop as reflective, independent learners.

Poor conduct is a choice and students are clear that poor conduct will result in clear, consistent sanctions. Equally, students can choose to correct their negative conduct and benefit from our school rewards system.

At every stage, we encourage our students to make the right choices regarding their conduct and reward our students who model our BEST agenda by being positive role models for their peers. We remind students what it means to be a member of the Goodwin Academy community through our 'This is who we are' ethos, encouraging our students to be 'Ready to learn', 'Respectful to all' and 'Safe at all times.' 


Our staff have a range of strategies which we use to support our students to make the right choices regarding their conduct.

These include:

  • A common language that reminds students to correct their conduct and the consequences if any negative conduct continues
  • Allowing our students opportunities to reflect on their behaviour
  • Praising our students for correcting their conduct and making positive choices 
  • Having ‘Restorative justice’ conversations with our students
  • Using the school conduct system to promote positive behaviour for learning
  • Discussing our concerns about our students with their Tutors, Heads of Year and Curriculum leaders
  • Working with our students’ parents/carers to provide collaborative support
  • Engaging with external support services 

Our Student Pastoral team also uses a range of strategies for supporting our students. These include:

  • Mediation
  • Reflection tasks
  • Conduct support plans
  • Targeted interventions through our Lighthouse
  • Mentoring