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The proper place for you to be on a school day is at school. If you are not in school then you must have a justifiable reason and parents or carers should telephone the student centre on 01304 403103 before 09.00 hours on the first day of absence. You should always bring a note for your form tutor when you return from being absent.

Attendance – Miss Dore –

Parents/carers are requested not to arrange family holidays during term time. In line with the latest Department for Education guidance, we will no longer be authorising term time holidays for our students. This decision has been taken after consultation with the school Governing Body, and the Education and Welfare Service. This is because it has been demonstrated that student absence during term time can have a negative impact on positive outcomes for our students.

Government research shows that:

  • Students must attend school regularly to achieve their full potential
  • Students who miss out on school often feel vulnerable and left behind
  • On average, students who miss 17 or more days in a school year, lose one full grade in their GCSEs


This is seen as an important part of school life and students who are frequently late without a valid reason will be detained after school. Students who arrive after the registration period should sign in at the pupil centre, where they will be given a late slip. It is important that students understand the importance of punctuality as part of their development into adult life. Repeated lateness will be counted as unauthorised absence and may result in intervention by the Education Welfare Officer.