Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school.  Our Sixth Form Dress Code is geared towards a smart, formal and business-like appearance.

Sixth Form students will be issued with a student ID card and lanyard which they are expected to wear at all times whilst on site.


Plain or modestly patterned and designed for formal wear. It must have sleeves and must not be low cut; it should cover shoulders and midriffs.  A plain fine knit jumper or cardigan can be worn.

Not permitted: T-shirts; sheer or see-through fabrics including lace; hoodies and sweatshirts, no large logos.


Trousers should be full length; skirts must be mid-thigh length as a minimum. 

Not permitted: Leather or imitation leather; denim; leggings or similar; jeans or jeans style trousers


Smart dresses can be worn must be mid-thigh length as a minimum.

Not permitted: Sheer or see-through fabrics including lace; denim; leather or imitation leather.


Smart leather or leather-look shoes and boots appropriate for a formal environment.

Not permitted: Stiletto heels; Ugg style boots; trainers/plimsolls or similar; flip-flops/mules, sandals.

Coats and Outdoor Clothing

Coats and outdoor clothing, including scarves and gloves and hats or similar must not be worn in school.


Make up, nail varnish and jewellery should be discreet and appropriate for a formal environment. Ears should have no more than one small piercing in each lobe.

Hair should be of natural colour and appearance and kept well groomed.

Headwear and hats should not be worn in school (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons).

Not permitted: Facial piercings, eye-brow studs, ear stretchers. Body art, such as tattoos, must not be visible. No acrylic nails or nail extensions.

Remember you represent our school and are role models to the lower year groups

We ask that adherence to the dress code does not present an issue and does not result in conflict between staff and students. Our priority and focus within school is student wellbeing and academic progress.

Failure to follow our Dress Code will result in sanctions being issued.

The Academy reserves the right to decide what is considered appropriate