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Year 7 Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions:

At Goodwin, we are committed to transforming the life chances of our students, ensuring that all are supported and encouraged to achieve their personal best. We deliver this through the BEST Agenda -‘Be Your Best’

  • Brilliance Students will be supported to be brilliant in everything they do – our ethos is to encourage our students to be their best self, striving for brilliance in all areas of their learning.
  • Enrichment Students will encounter a variety of educational opportunities outside of the classroom – many learning opportunities take place outside of the classroom, each experience enables our students to engage with and be able to embrace with the world around them. Cultural Capital is an important part of a well-rounded education.
  • Society Students will be encouraged to develop as responsible, active and informed world citizens, demonstrating mutual respect, empathy and community spirit – we live in a global community and as such, it is essential that our students understand the roles and responsibilities that are valued in society.
  • Thinking Students will join a global community of thinkers – as a “Thinking School”, students are supported to think for themselves through the development of a thorough understanding of thinking tools that are used to aid and monitor their own progress.

Our “Thinking School” approach is consistent with the aims below and helps to ensure that:

  • Pupils in TSAT (Thinking Schools Academy Trust) are supported to think for themselves, through the development of a thorough understanding of purposeful thinking tools that they can use to aid and monitor their own progress
  • Staff in TSAT are encouraged to think accurately and reflectively about their practice and understand a range of thinking tools that can be used to support student motivation and progress
  • Thinking Maps
  • Thinking Keys
  • Goodwin Gateways
  • De Bono’s Hats

As soon as it is deemed safe to hold a uniform fitting event, information will be communicated to parents/carers. Goodwin Academy uniform suppliers are Simmonds wear, details can be found via their website.   The Academy Uniform Policy can be found on the website. It includes six compulsory items that all must be purchased from Simmonds wear:

  • Main Uniform
    • Tie
    • Blazer
    • Skirt/Trousers
  • PE Uniform
    • Polo Shirt
    • Shorts/Skort (PE uniform)
    • Tracksuit Bottoms/Leggings

MyEd App  
School App with key links and information relating to letters, reports, behaviour etc. Details on how to download the app can be found using the Academy website

The Academy will forward communication via email relating to news and events

Should there be a need the Academy will contact via designated telephone number

The frequency of homework will depend upon the number of lesson taught in each subject per week.

Subjects Minimum expectation
English, Mathematics, Science 1 piece of home learning per week
History, Geography, MFL, Technology 1 piece of home learning every fortnight
Music and Computing 1 piece per term

Goodwin Academy use a web based platform for setting and recording homework called Show My Homework. Students and parents will have access to track and monitor and complete homework set. Initial login details will be issued during the first week to both students and parents. Access can be via online site or SMHW/MyEd App.

Should you need an admissions pack to complete the admission process then these are available via Ms Dore in the Admission office or Main Reception. These packs are crucial in ensuring relevant details can be recorded prior to starting at Goodwin Academy.

Due to the unprecedented nature to the school year, no examinations or assessments were taken in school settings. For this reason Goodwin Academy have made the decision to carry out initial testing for all year 7 students. This testing is likely to take place during the first weeks of school, and will give an indication of a student’s ability in Maths and English which will then inform setting of students.

Grammar stream students are likely to be selected after the initial testing has been completed. The initial tests are those normally used by the Academy to select students for the grammar stream.

Until the outcome of the testing has been collated, students will be taught in mixed ability form classes, which is likely to be until the October half term.

Goodwin Academy SENCO will be contacting primary schools to obtain up to date information on all students will SEN/EHCP as well as students with specific needs. Should you have concerns our SENCO Mrs Davies can be contacted via email

The government provides funding for schools to support young people from lower income families to get the most from the educational opportunities we provide. With this money we can continue to improve our students’ learning experience and achievement. Please register as soon as possible to make sure our child does not miss out on this funding. Registering is quick and easy, so use the link below to check if you are entitled to Free School Meals:

Arrangements for the first day of school will be communicated to parents/carers when the re-opening guidance has been published.

Full details of the equipment required can be found via the Academy website.

There are a number of which take place throughout the academy week from sporting to academic. These clubs are managed by Academy staff, with details available from Form Tutors and the school website. Common activities include:

  • Sporting clubs/fixtures (Lunch/After school)
  • Homework club (Lunch/After School)
  • Film Club(Lunch)
  • Music Club (Lunch/After School)
  • Dance/Drama Club (After School)
  • Chess Club (Lunch)
  • Robotics Club (Lunch/After School)
  • Arts Café (Lunch)
  • Science Club (Lunch)
  • Breakfast (Before school 7.45am)

Details of the Academy day can be found on the website. This will provide details relating to lesson and break times.

Registration starts at 8.30am and the Academy dismisses pupils at 2.45pm.

There are a number of methods when details of student progress is shared these are:

  • Meet the tutor evening
  • Parents evening
  • Progress report cards (twice per year)

Dates of when these sharing points are to take place are still to be decided, as soon as they are known you will be informed.


Form Tutor    
Should you have any concerns relating to your child their form tutor is the ideal point of contact as they will be the first point of contact during the day. A List of tutor details can be found on the Academy Website

Head of Year       
The Head of Year can be contacted via email or the main reception. They will respond to your concerns. A list can be found on the Academy Website

Should you have concerns relating to attendance Miss Packman can be contacted via email or by telephone 0333 360 2210

Resilience Centre            
Should your concern require the attention of our Resilience Manager – Ms Gray can be contacted via email or the Main Reception

Should you have any concerns that require the attention of the Safeguarding Officer – Mrs Wild can be contacted vis email or via the Main Reception

Should your concern require the attention of our SENCO – Mrs Davies can be contacted via email or the Main Reception

Main Reception       
Should you be unsure as to who to contact, details can be passed on the main reception who will forward your query to the relevant person. or by telephone 0333 360 2210