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Academy Agreement

At Goodwin Academy we believe that Students will achieve their full potential if we can maintain an effective working relationship between us all; our students, parents and carers and our staff at the Academy.

Goodwin Academy is a vibrant and happy place, which strives for excellence in all we do. In order to achieve this we have high expectations of everyone who joins us.

As a parent or carer working with us, you will have an opportunity to have a positive impact on your child’s progress.

We are committed to making this partnership into a successful one that will encourage participation and a love of learning

Parents/Carers will:

  • Support the Academy in promoting and upholding the highest standards of behaviour and support my child to understand the need to follow the Academy rules and to demonstrate positive behaviour at all times.
  • Support the Academy if a sanction has been issued because of non-compliance with the Academy Behaviour Policy.
  • Encourage my child to complete learning tasks to the best of their ability by providing a regular time and a quiet environment for personal learning, whether this be at home or using the Academy’s on-site facilities.
  • Ensure my child arrives on time every day, not to take holidays in term time and to contact the Academy on the first day of absence if my child cannot attend due to illness.
  • Ensure my child is always fully equipped for learning (uniform, PE kit, pencil case, books etc). I understand that if my child does not arrive in the correct uniform the Academy will ask them to return home to dress correctly.
  • Encourage my child to treat all members of the Academy community with respect and courtesy.
  • Support the Academy’s work to provide equal opportunities for all students and encourage my child’s involvement in these.
  • Attend all meetings about my child, respond to all communications and be involved in the wider life of the Academy.
  • Encourage my child to participate in extra-curricular and enrichment activities.
  • Communicate directly with the Academy and refrain from posting comments on social media.

Students will:

  • Take part in every lesson, take responsibility for my own learning and respect the rights of other students to learn.
  • Take responsibility for my own behaviour and be socially responsible inside and outside of the Academy.
  • Develop confidence in myself, doing everything I can to be an enthusiastic and effective learner and support the learning of others.
  • Treat all members of the Academy community with respect and to be courteous, kind and considerate at all times.
  • Organise myself so that I am always fully equipped and correctly dressed for a day’s learning.
  • Arrive on time every day and strive for 100% attendance.
  • Meet all personal learning deadlines set by the teachers.
  • Respect the right of all children and adults to be equally valued in the life of the Academy whatever their background.
  • Behave in an exemplary fashion when away from the Academy site and be respectful of the general public and local environment.
  • Become involved in any extra-curricular activities that interest me and give service to the Academy where possible.

The Academy will:

  • Provide a learning environment that is safe, caring and stimulating.
  • Ensure that every student makes the most of their opportunities.
  • Make sure that all lessons are well prepared and appropriate to each students’ needs.
  • Set planned programme of homework that will be monitored and marked promptly.
  • Let parents/carers know their child is progressing.
  • Contact parents/carers if we are concerned about their child’s standard of work, behaviour, punctuality or attendance.
  • Welcome parents/carers into the life of the Academy and keep them informed about work planned for their child.
  • Offer a range of additional activities/clubs to enrich every students’ experience of life at the Academy.
  • Celebrate the success of all students.
  • Value each of the students equally.
  • Offer students a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Deal with any parental concerns promptly.

Student_Staff Charter