Home Learning

Home learning is an integral part of the students’ courses and is an essential key to success. The setting of regular, relevant, and challenging work is a non-negotiable part of the learning process for all students.

Goodwin Academy aims to ensure that all students are working to achieve their full potential through regular setting and assessment of work to complement and supplement the learning that takes place in formal time-tabled lessons.

Home learning will include tasks that are varied and challenging. The types of work might include:-

  • Practice exercises will help students to apply, consolidate and remember newly acquired skills – such as memorising mathematical tables, practising spelling words, writing essays, and reading for pleasure.
  • Research background information to prepare them for future lessons on a specific subject – such as reading a particular article.
  • Project work.
  • Extension Assignments which encourage students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively. Assignments may include writing a book review, researching local news or retrieving items from the Internet to include current affairs or other activities deemed relevant by the teaching staff.
  • Coursework which students must complete against set external assessment criteria.
  • Revision work which builds upon previous learning with specific focus to allow students to achieve this aim.
  • Literacy based home learning in the form of, for example, a comprehension, an activity on key words, a guided piece of research etc.

The table below outlines the minimum expectation of home learning tasks set in Key Stage 3. Each piece of home learning should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.


Minimum expectation 

English, Mathematics, Science

1 piece of home learning per week

History, Geography, MFL, Technology and Art

1 piece of home learning every fortnight

PE, Music, Performing Arts and Computing

1 piece per term

Key Stage 4 & 5 home learning tasks will be set a minimum of once per week and should take approximately 1 hour to complete. This is set in relation to the course requirements, including regular exam questions for externally assessed courses.

Home learning will be recorded on MS Teams as an assignment in each class group. Students should check their MS Teams activity daily.