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At Goodwin Academy we endeavour to develop curious, questioning and independent thinkers. Through Social and Moral (SM) lessons in Key Stage 3 and the Impact Learning (IL) lessons at Key Stage 4/5, students cover a comprehensive programme that guides them in gaining knowledge and skills across a broad spectrum of essential topics such as:

  • RSE (Relationship and Sex Education)
  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)
  • FBV (Fundamental British Values)
  • Careers Education

Both the SM and IL programmes of study are underpinned by ensuring that students gain an understanding of their individual place within the community, being provided with an opportunity to recognise their skillset that will give them the confidence to aspire. Due to our progressive curriculum, the knowledge taught across this subject area is reinforced by transferable knowledge from other subjects. For example, History covers ‘Protest and Women’s Suffrage’ in Year 9, in SM students will look at ‘Political Action Groups’, in Science they consider ‘Reproduction’ and in SM we discuss ‘Contraception’.

We are very aware that some of the topics covered can be complex and sensitive, we therefore always seek to treat our students as individuals, providing safe, non-judgmental environments, with the delivery of subject matter being factual and therefore allowing scope for young people to ask questions.

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