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Goodwin Academy Curriculum Intent Statement:

Goodwin Academy context:

  • Goodwin Academy is a coeducational secondary school of 800 students in Years 7-13.
  • Goodwin Academy is based in Deal which is a coastal town in the SE of Kent
  • Goodwin Academy serves a community:
    • with higher than national levels of deprivation with 36% of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding and 41% are classified as “disadvantaged”.
    • which is predominantly white British working class with below national levels of EAL and BME students attending the school.
    • which is below national for prior attainment upon entry.

Curriculum Intent Statement: 


Intended curriculum outcomes:

At Goodwin Academy we aim to deliver the following ambitious outcomes for our students. Our vision for the curriculum is based around ‘Be Your Best’, so that all students achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.

The BEST Agenda represents B=Brilliance, E=Enrichment, S=Society and T=Thinking.

Through our curriculum, Students will:

  • aspire to brilliance in all areas of the curriculum by being imaginative, creative and reflective in their learning.
  • develop awareness of their own strengths and areas they would like to develop to enable them to be ready for the next step in their life journey.
  • use the Goodwin Gateways to develop lifelong habits to be successful within the Academy and beyond.
  • develop long term knowledge, skills and understanding which can be effectively transferred to new opportunities.
  • develop the cultural capital to successfully engage with a wide variety of social contexts in the wider world around them.
  • become confident and successful individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives regardless of their individual circumstances.
  • become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society, upholding the fundamental British values of democracy and individual liberty.

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At Goodwin Academy, students will follow one of the following academic pathways:

Accelerate (Grammar) pathway – is designed for our more able students who achieved a standardised assessment score of 105-107+ in a suitability assessment, offering the traditional EBacc pathway with additional stretch towards Triple Science and GCSE Statistics. The pathway allows learners to pursue a wider range of academic subjects beyond KS4.

Aspire pathway– is offered to students with the core EBacc subjects as a spine, however languages are not compulsory at GCSE. Students, who excel, have the opportunity of transferring to the Accelerate pathway allowing access to the additional stretch and challenge required. Pupils are able to choose GCSE subjects that best suit their future study plans.

Achieve pathway – is a bespoke pathway offered to students who require additional learning support, such as literacy and/or numeracy. At GCSE, the emphasis is placed upon selecting subjects in which students are likely to succeed and support future career aspirations.