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How remote education was delivered to sixth form students (year 12) during lockdown. Be specific about expectations for remote work. Year 12 students had lessons timetabled online for each of their subjects once a week at the start of lockdown. For term 6 students had face to face lessons in family bubbles, this was on top of online lessons. Those who did not attend face to face lessons could join the sessions via Microsoft Teams. Online lessons focused around the dissemination of new information and work would be set around this for students to then complete at home with a deadline set.
How many less teaching hours did 6th formers receive during lockdown? Live teaching counts as ‘teaching hours’. You could do this by subject if relevant. 7 hours less a fortnight for Sport and Business

16 hours less a fortnight for Public Services and Human Biology.


Subject Specific content delivery affected by lockdown. What you are doing to get students to catch up with this content. Be specific about whether you are having to teach it in less time etc. Assessment affected by lockdown, i.e. how much less assessment has happened compared to normal years?
Sport Unit 7: Practical performance in Sport Students did part of the topic in lockdown and are waiting on the decision from BTEC. No practical assessment completed.

Unit 2 not completed.

  Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology Students are being set extra tasks to ensure completion and coverage of this topic. Not able to take first attempt at the exam.
BTEC Level 3 Applied Human Biology Unit 1 taught with one online lesson per week Unit 1 was not completed.  Combined teaching of Unit 1 theory for the exam, alongside a coursework unit in 3 lessons per 2-week cycle. The remaining examined unit is taught  in 3 lessons per 2-week cycle.

Condensing lessons and focusing on exam questions for unit 1.

Less class time for unit 6 (coursework) but students are set independent study tasks with this unit.

They were not entered for a summer 2020 entry, neither did they have a mock
BTEC Level 3 Public Services Coursework units not being completed – units were awarded CAG


A new unit was introduced over lockdown to be assessed from September

Units incomplete from Year 1 were awarded CAG.


Assessment plan amended to complete remaining units.


Awaiting update from BTEC about two units being dropped

4 units couldn’t be finalised but awarded CAG instead
BTEC Level 3 Business Coursework unit not completed instead some exam content covered. Two exams being covered at the same time – waiting for confirmation that a coursework unit will be dropped. Home learning to increase speed of content delivery A unit of coursework would have been completed with Year 2 to cover the two exams but was not possible.