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Our Goodwin Gateways

The Goodwin Gateways aim to instil positive habits of mind to enable students to become independent and creative learners, providing them with transferable tools that can support them on the journey to achieving their goals. Each of the Gateways has been chosen specifically to fit the needs of Goodwin Academy students, so that they become confident, well-rounded and contented individuals.

Persistence is a hard habit to develop but at Goodwin the teaching and support mechanisms allow students to grow in confidence. Therefore, when faced with a challenge or experience with a sense of falling short, young people must be able to pick themselves up and carry on the journey to success.

Striving for Accuracy allows our students to gain an understanding of the importance of doing a job well, when entering a world full of competition our young people need to stand out by hitting the mark.

Listening with understanding and empathy is probably one of the most important habits of mind, the world is shrinking and our young people will encounter others who are not from the same background or who hold the same values as them.

Thinking Independently; one mind can conceive amazing inventions, but just think what many minds working together can innovate, this is what thinking interdependently is about. Sometimes sharing thoughts and ideas can be daunting but as with any walk of life team work enables individual success as well as team achievement.

Those who communicate well and who can convey their thoughts clearly can achieve beyond their capability. We take it for granted that people know how to communicate or to comprehend what is being said, this is not always the case and we need to allow our students to be confident communicators in whatever situation they may find themselves.

Transferable knowledge allows us to use what we already know to help us learn something new. At Goodwin Academy, we aim to lay foundations of learning across subjects upon which students can build strong knowledge bases.

Are we always truly clear about our thought processes and about the ideas that form our opinions? We will understand others better and therefore empathise more successfully if we have an understanding of what shapes us and thinking about our thinking is key.

Our children will leave school and enter into jobs that do not currently exist. Therefore, it is important that they are encouraged to create, imagine, innovate and stretch traditional ideas so that they are the engineers, inventors and employers of the future.