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100% Attendance

100% Attendance

Goodwin Academy would like to celebrate the attendance of two siblings, Hannah and Ottie Brice.

Hannah’s achievement is remarkable of 100% attendance throughout her education at Goodwin Academy. It is an achievement for students to be able to claim 100% attendance throughout an entire academic year, but Hannah has achieved this throughout her entire 7-year school career.

Schools try hard to encourage good attendance from their pupils; missing just two days a month can have a knock-on effect on learning and the quality of the qualifications that students achieve. Students with good attendance also feel more connected to their school community and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In addition, since joining Goodwin Academy, Hannah’s brother, Ottie Brice, has also completed 5 years of perfect attendance alongside his sister.

Simon Smith, the Principal of Goodwin Academy, said:

“We are very proud of them both and the commitment they have shown to their school and their studies. Excellent attendance is a result of not only personal resilience, but strong support from home, and we are very grateful for the support that Mrs Brice has given to the school over the years.”