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Staffing Changes

I would like to welcome the following members of staff to Goodwin from September:

Mrs L Berduig                    Teacher of MFL

Mrs H Britten                     Assistant Principal – SEN/AEN (part time)

Mr J Curling                        Teacher of PE

Mrs L Hutton                      Teacher of Science

Mr I Khan                             Teacher of Maths

Miss K Kitchener               SRBP Learning Support Assistant

Mr A Murphy                     Teacher of Science

Mr N Ndlovu                      Teacher of English

Mr J Scoble                         Performing Arts Technician Apprentice

Mr I Searle                          Teacher of Maths

Mr S Varley                         SEN Learning Support Assistant


I would also like to congratulate the following members of staff who have new posts at the school:

Mr N Barnes                       Head of Vocational Qualifications

Mrs D Bradford                 Assistant Principal – Personal Development

Mr C Kitchener                  Assistant Principal – Data Systems and KS3 Curriculum & Achievement

Mr R Knott                          Head of History

Mrs R Moon                       Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning

Mr J Sharman                     Internal Alternative Exclusion Manager


For a variety of reasons, we say thank you, farewell and good luck to the following staff members:

Mr M Argent                      Teacher of Maths

Mr R Baddeley                  Head of Applied Learning

Mr S Brookman                 Science Technician

Mrs S Douglas                    Head of SRBP

Mr L Friend                         Football Coach

Mr N Grant                         SEN Learning Support Assistant

Mr J Lopez-Vinas              Teacher of MFL/Science

Mrs S Mapstone               Teacher of English

Mrs A Thompson             Head of SEN/AEN

Mrs V Walsh                       Technology Teacher