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Unforeseen Closure

At Goodwin Academy our aim is to always keep the school open. Unfortunately, no weather forecast can ever be perfect. That, combined with potentially severe weather, means we always have to keep our plans under review, therefore if we do have to close the school we would notify you in the following ways:

  • A closure notice will be posted on the school website and the KCC Kent closures website
  • There will be a closure message for all parents who call the school telephone number (01304 403103)
  • KMFM, Heart Fm and Radio Kent will all be notified and will announce the school closure live on air (although there can be a delay for this to happen, due to the nature of live radio)
  • All parents who have registered for GroupCall will receive a text message notifying them of the school closure

We will make every effort to keep Goodwin Academy open during severe weather conditions, but the safety of both students and staff must and will always be our priority when assessing if closure of the school site is appropriate.

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Severe Weather Work

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