Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up

This is targeted at students who have not achieved National Curriculum KS3 readiness in reading and / or mathematics at the end of KS2. The allocation for 2016-17 is £13,500.
This funding was used to support these students through weekly 1:1 or small group sessions in literacy and / or numeracy, building a stronger skills base with which to access the whole curriculum and therefore developing confidence.

Our key priority for this year is to address literacy levels with small intervention groups of 2-4 students, using our KS3 Literacy interventionist. She works in conjunction with the English staff at KS3 in addition to the Head of Department to ensure sharp targeting. In small group work, she will address specific issues and then work with the students in class periodically to monitor their progress and to ensure relevance and continuity with classroom teaching.


Students are also able to work on their reading skills of decoding and comprehension through targeted reading using the Accelerated Reader programme, to improve single word and sentence reading levels.
Students are also able to work with the rest of their class on improving literacy through an additional, differentiated literacy-based lesson on a weekly basis designed by their English teacher.
Age-appropriate reading materials and other resources have been purchased for homework club and for the library.


Students were targeted for this intervention using gap analysis of basic functional skills and operations. The sessions are on a weekly basis and sometimes more frequently, depending on need. The main aim is to build confidence and an age-appropriate skill level to enable students to function appropriately in the classroom.
Interventions are 1:1 and / or small group size (3-4) and supplemented by additional sessions with classroom teachers that ensured students are working in parallel with their peers.