Learning Support Centre

The provision made by the Learning Support centre is as flexible as the name suggests.

Small group work boosting literacy and numeracy skills is also complemented by 1:1 work with students to meet their needs. Students may be identified through our own assessment programmes; by the English and mathematics departments and through liaison with primary schools and external agencies such as the Speech and Language Team.

Students may work within the LSC for a short period of time, or for longer if more extensive support is required. Progress is monitored and reviewed in conjunction with relevant subject departments and Provision Mapping is used to ensure that progress is sustained upon returning to the classroom.

The school has a team of 8 staff qualified to teach the phonics programme ‘Sounds~Write’ which boosts the reluctant reader’s confidence and extending the reading skills of our students is a key aim for the LSC. It also boasts a full programme of age-related reading projects and lessons and provides after-school clubs with a focus on literacy and numeracy, offering an extra layer of support.

The LSC is the site for our Breakfast Club, open from 07:30 until lessons begin at 08:30 and this provides a relaxed and pleasant start to the day for young people of all ages. At break and lunchtime the LSC is one of a number of resources available for the student who prefers a quiet oasis during unstructured times and we encourage quiet, free-time activities such as jigsaw puzzles, board games, YuGiOh and of course, reading!