Goodwin Academy provides careers education, information, advice and guidance as an integral part of our education programme.  The Academy has achieved the Investors in Careers quality kite mark.

Students from all years’ groups are supported in learning to make informed decisions, develop skills and prepare for the world of work.  They are informed of what opportunities are available to them, and are provided with an understanding of the labour market.

From year 7 onwards our students are offered impartial guidance from our Careers Progression Mentor, we support a work experience programme and ensure that our student body has access to local employer links, particularly via our vocational subjects.  We offer many opportunities for our students to engage in outreach experiences with industry, further education and higher education establishments to ensure that they can experience as wide a variety of opportunity as possible.

Throughout their time with the Academy, students will be introduced to new experiences within education, learn what apprenticeships are and be supported in accessing and applying for further education, an apprenticeship or higher education should that be their choice.

We aim to assist all our students from year 7 onwards to make the correct choice of subjects to study at GCSE for their sustainable progression and work with them to develop a range of skills to prepare them for their chosen pathway

Students remain in learning until they are 18 years of age, this can be through Sixth Form, College, Apprenticeship, or accredited study programmes, as well as training with employment.


Student Entitlement

Throughout their time at the Goodwin Academy targeted support prepares each student to aspire to be the best they can be and to achieve a career pathway of their choice with support from:

  • Clear impartial information, advice and guidance about all available options to ensure they make informed decisions and choices.
  • A programme of careers education to develop skills and qualities in support of transition into further learning and the world of work.
  • Advice and guidance to support making choices and preparing a career plan
  • Qualified advisers to support decision making for further education, higher education, training, apprenticeships and employment.
  • Career Assemblies
  • Personal support and information on progress


Impartial Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Goodwin Academy provide support through:

  • External independent advice and guidance provided from The Education Business Partnership who visit the school each week.
  • A Careers Library based in the Study Area which contains careers information, prospectuses, apprenticeship opportunities and books supporting making choices.
  • Career software packages such as ‘I Could’, ‘Fast Tomato’ and ‘Unifrog’.
  • Outreach opportunities to FE, HE and industry sites.
  • Weekly Careers Focus.

Careers Education

Includes self-development, career exploration and management to enable students to make informed decisions and choices about their future.  Preparation for the world of work and developing skills to produce a CV and undertake a Mock Interview with a local employer.

Careers Advice and Guidance

All year 11 and 13 students have a face to face impartial appointment with a careers adviser to discuss their plans and find out about career pathways.

Face to Face and small group session are available to the whole student body and can be booked via the Careers Department.

Work Experience

Students in both years 10 and 12 undertake a period of work experience.  Year 10 have a block week in the middle of the academic year.  Year 12 negotiate a period of work experience into their timetable.

Employer Links

We actively seek to work with employers in the local community through our vocational courses and our mock interviews and career events.