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We believe that Science should be fun but also a learning experience that will take students into their future. At the heart of the Science curriculum is our desire to help students understand how the world around them works and how they themselves interact with their surroundings.

At GCSE level we work with students to ensure they reach their potential in a double award subject where they will receive a qualification equivalent to two GCSE grades. The course is hard work but helps students develop important skills that they will use in their future careers.

At A’ Level we provide courses that will enable students to go to university if they wish. These courses are at a much higher level and are therefore more challenging, but students are given guidance and support throughout the course to help them achieve their best.

As the courses progress from KS3 to KS5 students become progressively more independent in their learning and this is important as we know how essential this will be in the future.

We also aim to help students develop by providing extracurricular clubs and activities will allow pupils to further enjoy a subject which we hope they will have a keen interest in.