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Public Services

Key Stage 5

Students in Year 12 will study the BTEC Diploma in Public Services (720 GLH) – 2 x A level equivalent.

The course is two years in duration and is 100% coursework, with many practical elements, on topics such as:

  • Government, Policies and the Public Services
  • Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services
  • Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services
  • Understanding discipline in Public Services
  • Skills Land Based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Candidates achieving this qualification have the following progression opportunities:

  • Enter employment and undertake a relevant NVQ at a level appropriate to the job role
  • Undertake higher level qualifications to degree level e.g. Policing, Politics, Criminology, Public Services
  • Undertake a higher apprenticeship in a public service e.g. Border force, Policing, Fire Service, Security, HM Forces

6th Form Public Services