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Physical Education

Physical Education transforms life chances by providing holistic learning opportunities which nurture physical, social and moral development and wellbeing as well as cognitive and academic performance. Moreover, sport has the power to unite individuals and encourages pupils to work together towards a collective goal.

At the Goodwin academy the PE department’s intent is to deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils. Our aim is to encourage all pupils to have a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity and in turn promote adoption of a healthy lifestyle as well as lifelong physical activity.

Key Stage 3 PE and Key Stage 4 Core PE

In key stage 3 participation and engagement is promoted through a range of sporting opportunities with students receiving 3 x 1 hour lessons over the 2 week timetable.  At least one of these sessions is held in the new 4 court sports hall and the others on the multipurpose Astro, netball courts or pitches, which are marked with Football pitches in the winter season and an athletics track and throwing areas during the summer terms.

Students study at least 2 activities a season (2 terms). Sports such as football, rugby, netball, basketball, badminton, handball, cricket, rounders and athletics all being offered in line with the extra-curricular sports of the season. Moreover, key stage 4 core PE have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning, with teachers’ offering choices for the classes to decide their own path where appropriate.  This includes a mixture of traditional and individual pursuits, with the opportunity to use the fitness suite and experience alternative physical activities to promote enjoyment and engagement.

The curriculum is underpinned by a strong focus on preparing all students for the Level 2 BTEC First award in Sport, should they wish to take it.  Our aim is to embed physical literacy into all lessons to develop knowledge, understanding, confidence and enjoyment alongside competition to encourage students to be the ‘best’ they can be.  This encompasses learning about the fitness components, testing and training from Year 7 to Year 11. This is done in reference to each sport and as per lessons in principle.

Key stage 4

In Key Stage 4, students will have the option to complete the BTEC Level 2 First award in Sport.  The BTEC language is still the foundation of the learning but there is a greater focus on developing their understanding of skills, and tactics through game play and participation further, as well as students enhancing and embedding their theoretical knowledge within Physical Education to aim for the distinction level that can be obtained from this course.

The Level 2 Award is made up of 4 units, exam, coursework and practical based, around sporting performance and components of fitness.  Students will have the opportunity to learn how to improve practical expertise in a variety of sports, improve fitness levels and start to understand the body’s role in sports performance.  With this in mind it is important that pupils feel that they can make mistakes, learn from them and use constructive feedback to improve their performance and apply this knowledge to new and different situations.

Moreover, all students are encouraged to take on leadership opportunities in lessons from leading whole class exercises to providing feedback, and all students have chance to develop their understanding and application of the lesson objectives, even when they are unable to take part practically. Chances to develop their leadership skills and experiences are regularly offered through the Academy’s close relationship with the district School Games Organiser and local primary schools.

How will students learn?

Students are given 3 BTEC Sport lessons per week and will have an opportunity to complete both theory and practical lessons in order to enhance understanding of the key components. These lessons will allow students to explore their thinking through maps, hats and keys in both practical and classroom based learning.

Studying this course can lead to further areas of study such as Level 3 Sport. The content of the course also provides a useful foundation of knowledge for potential careers in Sports Coaching working in the health and fitness industry, sports and active leisure industry, PE Teaching, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Fitness Instruction or Personal Trainer.

Key stage 5

In Key Stage 5, students will have the option to complete the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport.

The Award  is an Applied General qualification for post-16 learners who want to continue their education through applied learning and who aim to progress to higher education and ultimately to employment in the sport sector.

The Level 3 Award is made up of 4 units:  3 mandatory units and one optional

Students will study the skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and the energy systems for sports performance. They will use this knowledge and understanding to determine the interrelationships between body systems for sports performance. Students will be expected to collect data and information in order to develop and justify a fitness training programme and nutritional advice based on these interpretations.  Research will involve exploring career and job opportunities in the sports industry and own skills using a skills audit to inform a career development action plan. Moreover, they will examine National Governing Body rules/laws and regulations for selected sports competitions, the skills, techniques and tactics required to perform in selected sports.  Developing skills, techniques and tactics for sporting activity in order to meet sport aims and reflect on own practical performance using selected assessment methods.

How will students learn?

Students are given 9 BTEC Sport lessons over a 2 week timetable cycle. This will provide them with the opportunity to complete both theoretical and practical lessons in order to enhance their understanding. Within these lessons students will use a range of thinking tools to enhance their thinking and aid them in embedding their knowledge through both practical and classroom based learning.


The PE Department works hard to keep a high profile in the local community. We run an extensive extra-curricular clubs that allow us to play our competitive district matches. Clubs are run by members of the PE Department, governing-body qualified coaches, and increasingly by other members of our schools teaching staff and community.  We also currently have the Cheerleading Satellite club, which is led by coaches from Vista Twisters.

‘BEST’ Agenda and Goodwin Gateways

In line with the schools BEST agenda and Goodwin Gateways, the PE department at The Goodwin Academy achieves BEST by encouraging pupils from diverse backgrounds to strive for excellence. This is accomplished through independent learning, applying past knowledge to new situations, creative thinking and communication, demonstration of resilience and perseverance to achieve the ‘BEST’ possible outcome within all PE lessons as well as extra-curricular activities.