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Modern Foreign Languages


At Goodwin Academy, in the Modern Foreign Languages department, we have a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff.

French is taught to all Key Stage 3 students. In Key Stage 4, French is a GCSE option and we follow the AQA examination which promotes language that arises in the world of work and leisure. Every year more and more students choose to continue with French as one of their GCSE subjects.
We are a well-resourced department and our KS3 course Allez is fully compatible with the new National Curriculum and with the latest secondary strategy. The course is interactive and encourages confident communication and understanding from the very beginning. Our language classrooms are equipped with interactive white-boards.

Outside links:

Every other year, we organise a very popular and successful residential visit to France and students get the opportunity to practise what they have learnt.
We have links schools in France and we host some French students and many youngsters exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers.

Aims of the Department:

  • To develop in students the ability to use the foreign language effectively for the purposes of practical communication.
  • To develop an awareness of the mechanisms of language and language learning.
  • To offer an insight into the culture and civilisation of the target language country.
  • To form a sound base of the skills, language and attitudes, required for further study and leisure
  • To develop students’ understanding of themselves and their own culture.
  • To provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.
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