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In Maths we aspire for our learners to reflect on their learning and for them to be brilliant and successful by knowing their strengths and the areas to improve upon. We aim for them to strive for accuracy, to make links to previously taught topics and to persist when faced with unfamiliar questions and situations. We want them to always be thinking about their thinking and to develop their long term knowledge by amongst other things the use of the retrieval key and we wish for them to have transferable skills which will enable them to be successful in their future careers.

Maths is a cultural endeavour. Children who learn maths gain cultural capital and can join a wider range of conversations therefore having greater input and influence in our society and culture. It gives us power and a voice.

Year 7 & 8

In Years 7 & 8 students are exposed to a range of mathematical concepts that aim to reinforce and extend prior knowledge. This is in preparation for GCSE study which begins in Year 9. A variety of exciting and innovative teaching methods are used to deliver the curriculum. These aim to engage and ignite an interest for the subject in all students. Where possible, links to mathematics in the real world are used so that students are more aware of the benefits that ‘mastery’ of the subject can bring.

Every maths classroom is suitably equipped with the necessary resources to facilitate the successful delivery of the full curriculum. Teaching staff often meet to discuss and share teaching strategies to further enhance the educational experience that is offered to all students.

Years 9 to 11 – GCSE

Students begin their GCSE study of mathematics at the start of Year 9 and complete their course in Year 11 through the sitting of the formal public examinations. The Department delivers the new GCSE  Edexcel (9-1) Mathematics course at both Foundation and Higher level. The content of the new GCSE has grown and these changes are designed to help students emerge from GCSE Mathematics with a level of confidence and fluency that will provide a genuine foundation for the rest of their learning and working lives. The Edexcel linear Mathematics programme offers a traditional route to GCSE Mathematics, with no coursework. It is assessed through three examination papers at both levels.

Throughout the duration of the course students will be closely monitored to assess their progress and ensure that they are moving towards fulfilling and exceeding their potential. Where necessary, additional support will be offered in a format that is most suited to the individual to assist in realising this potential.

As with Years 7 & 8, the course is well resourced and delivered through a range of teaching styles including an emphasis on problem solving which is at the heart of the new GCSE. The teaching staff meet regularly to discuss teaching strategies and support that can be offered to students to enable success.