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The Humanities faculty is central to the schools mission to not only enable our students to achieve their maximum academic potential but to leave us as happy, well rounded young people, fully prepared to participate in society.

The Key Stage three offering is compulsory for all students and covers History, Geography, Religious Education and Citizenship. The aim at this key stage is to provide our Students with a real understanding of the world around them, the diverse cultures within it and how that world has changed. Together we examine not only the processes and events that have shaped our world but the ethical and moral dilemmas that have had to be grappled with as humanity has progressed and developed.

The Key stage four and five curriculum is delivered in discrete subjects and is optional for the students so that they may pursue those subjects that have most excited their interest or even try something new, such as Sociology, Psychology or BTEC Law, all of which are on offer at KS5.

Year 11 Support & Guidance

History Revision:

Year 11 revision timetable

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