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Design Technology

Technology allows students to develop practical skills and knowledge that they can transfer into the world of work. They become independent thinkers who are capable of identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and can think outside the box.   Students are able to evaluate real life contexts and make reasoned choices, which will then help in all aspects of life.  Through their engagement with a variety of social contexts, students will gain a greater understanding of other cultures and ways of life.  A real sense of achievement and pride in their work can be demonstrated through a concrete end product.

Key Stage 3

Our students experience a range of Design Technology subjects, namely Food Preparation and Nutrition, Textiles and Resistant Materials.  Students learn a variety of practical skills that will help them in later life. Learning integrates with other curriculum areas and students apply their knowledge to real life situations.

VEX Robotics is offered as an extra-curricular activity.

Key Stage 4

Students can take OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition or Eduqas Design Technology ( DT specification allows pupils to specialise in different material areas).  The courses offered promote problem solving skills, independent learning and builds on KS3 experiences.

Key Stage 5

Level 3 BTEC Engineering is currently offered to Year 13 students. This has opened up more career opportunities for our




Design and Technology

Core technical principles

New and emerging technologies – Eduqas

In-depth technical principles

Metals – Eduqas

Designing and making principles

Investigating – Eduqas

KS4 Food Preparation and Nutrition Revision Material:
BBC GCSE Bitesize – Home Economics/Food and Nutrition (CCEA)
OCR GCSE  Food Preparation and Nutrition  – Val Fehners    Hodder Education ISBN 9781471867491
CGP GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition  The Revision Guide ISBN 9781782946526
Collins GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition  AQA GCSE Revision ISBN 978 0008166342