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Computer Science & Media

In the Computer Science and Media Department our aim is to fully equip all Goodwin Academy students with the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need to succeed in a digital world.

The curriculum focuses on three core strands; Digital and Media Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science. We aim to provide our students with the hands on skills, access to new coding and media languages and the inspiration and creativity that they will need to develop as filmmakers, network technicians, journalists, computer programmers, app developers, digital artists, web designers and game developers. We hope to develop our students’ passion for digital technologies and that they will be able to build strong foundations for them to succeed into their adult lives.

At Key Stage 3, in Years 7, 8 and 9, we provide students with a broad understanding of the Computer Science, prepare them for taking the range of courses at Key Stage 4.

To achieve this, we have developed a curriculum that ensures lessons are interesting, exciting and focus on using the latest technologies and computing principles. The curriculum content includes computer science basics, eSafety, website design, spreadsheet skills, audio editing, computer systems, computing basics, databases and programming using a combination of Scratch, HTML, CSS and Python code.
In Key Stage 4, our curriculum widens to include Media alongside Computer Science and IT. We offer GCSE Media Studies where students can develop an understanding of media products, theory and production. Students can create a range of media products from films to music videos to magazines and movie posters. Students are taught in ‘professional spec’ iMac Media Suite which has a full range of Apple based media software from Photoshop to Final Cut Pro. The department has a fully kitted out Media Store, which includes brand new 4K cameras and TV cameras for media production work.

We offer GCSE Computer Science, which is the study of how computers and computer systems work and how they are constructed and programmed. The course enables students to learn how to create their own computer software and will develop their problem solving and logical thinking skills.

We also offer to all KS4 students an extra GCSE in ECDL IT Skills, which is focused learning and assessment on 4 key areas of IT. Students will study, PowerPoint, Word Processing, Spreadsheets and the final unit is Improving Productivity using IT.

At Key Stage 5 we offer both vocational A-Level IT and vocational A-Level Media, both courses revolve around IT and Media theory and production work and they are studied over two years full time. From our Key Stage 5 course a significant number of students go onto study IT and Media courses at University or gain apprenticeships and jobs in the field.