Positive Behaviour Procedures

We encourage our students to adopt positive behaviour at all times, keeping everyone safe and happy within the school community.

Our Expectations

Students are expected to conform to these five rules in the classroom and at all other times while at school:

  • Arrive on time, with everything you need to work
  • Listen in silence to your teacher and other students
  • Put up your hand when you need attention
  • Follow instructions immediately and without argument
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and inappropriate comments to yourself

Occasionally students need to be reminded of what is expected and acceptable. Our positive behaviour procedures enable us to do this with a structured, appropriate level of response. Infrequent, minor incidents will be dealt with internally through lunchtime or after-school detentions and might include;

  • Homework not completed
  • Occasional lateness
  • Lack of uniform
  • Minor infringement of school rules
  • Minor accidental damage to property

More serious incidents may result in a Fixed Term Exclusion, internally or externally. At the Stage 1 disciplinary meeting with parents that follows, expectations and targets will be clarified and help from outside agencies will be sought if appropriate. The Student Services Director and Deputy Principal will usually be present at this meeting and students will be put on daily report to the Student Support Officer. As this is a three-way partnership between the student, parents and the school, we ask that parents monitor immediate progress using this daily report, sign it to show that it has been seen and then return it to school. Such incidents might include:

  • Swearing or other inappropriate language to staff
  • Violence, fighting or physical assault
  • Bullying
  • Damage to property caused either intentionally or through inappropriate behaviour
  • Behaviour in class which seriously disrupts learning
  • Theft or other criminal offence
  • Continued infringement of school rules
  • Drugs use, first offence

This procedure is generally sufficient to help students to understand how they are expected to behave and no further action is required. However, it is occasionally necessary to arrange a Stage 2 or 3 disciplinary panel meeting, with further support and intervention for the student as appropriate, should targets not be met.


If students are found to be using drugs or alcohol on the school premises or arriving on the premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol, parents will be contacted to remove them immediately and a decision to contact the police will be made. A meeting will be held at which appropriate support measures will be put in place for the student including a Personal Support Plan. Failure to agree to complete an appropriate programme could lead to a disciplinary meeting with the Principal and members of the Governing Body.

If students are found to be supplying drugs then they will be permanently excluded by the Principal. This is for the benefit of all other students on the premises.

In both the above cases the school will assist parents in seeking help and support for the students.


Students should also note that Goodwin Academy is a non-smoking school and that smoking is prohibited, in keeping with the examples given above.


Students are not allowed to chew gum in school.

IPODS/Mobile Phones/Electronic Gadgets

Students are allowed these, but must realise that there is a time and a place for their use. They must not interfere with lessons, learning or school routines – they should not be used around the school at any other time outside of break and lunchtime/travelling to and from school. Students must be prompt to lessons and may not phone or text whilst travelling through the corridors/outside to lessons. Earphones must not be visible. The school takes no responsibility for IPODs/MP3 Players/Mobile phones or similar electronic gadgets such as laptops – students bringing these to school, do so at their own risk (and we recommend that parents ensure that such valuable items are insured).