Home school agreement

At Goodwin Academy we believe that students will achieve their full potential if we maintain an effective working relationship between home and the school. Goodwin Academy is a vibrant and happy school which strives for excellence in all we do.
In order to achieve this we have high expectations of everyone who joins us and have a set of values and principles that we want you to understand and try your best to uphold.
As a parent/carer working with us, you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on your child’s progress. We are committed to making this partnership between students, teachers and home into a successful one that will encourage an enjoyment of life and a love of learning.

As a student, I will:
· Wear the correct uniform
· Bring equipment, my kit, my planner and homework to lessons
· Come to school on time every day
· Listen to my teachers and work hard to achieve deadlines
· Take pride in my work and present it neatly
· Make sure I give enough time to my homework
· Document my homework into my planner and use Show My Homework to complete tasks
· Make every effort to produce class work and homework of a high standard
· Be caring and considerate towards others
· Have respect for my surroundings both inside the classroom and outside in the school community

As a parent, I will:
· Send my child to school in the correct uniform
· Check that my child has the right equipment, kit, planner and homework each day
· Make sure my child is on time for school
· Avoid unnecessary absences and holidays during term
· Phone the school daily if my child is ill and give a written explanation upon return, providing medical evidence if    requested
· Sign my child’s planner each week and check it for messages
· Monitor the progress being made by my child and attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss this
· Support and adhere to the school’s policies for behaviour, homework, school uniform and attendance
· Attend meetings upon request, that are relevant and involve my child
· Let the school know of any problems which may affect my child’s learning or attendance at school

As a school, we will:
· Ensure the correct uniform is worn
· Make sure your child knows what is needed for lessons
· Teach good lessons across all subjects
· Mark your child’s books regularly and show how to make good progress
· Set homework as shown on the homework timetable
· Check your child’s planner regularly
· Let you know if we have any concerns about your child’s effort, behaviour or attendance
· Act ‘in Loco Parentis’
‘Together’ we will:
· Address any additional educational or wellbeing needs
· Encourage our students to keep to the school rules, stay safe and enjoy their learning
· Support each student’s learning to help them achieve their best