Group Call

Schools and parents around the world suffer with the problems caused by paper communications! Letters from school get lost, forgotten or thrown away before they get home, or simply screwed up in the bottom of the school bag. Either way parents often find the information too late or even not at all!

To make matters worse, paper letters are time consuming and very expensive for schools to produce, and environmentally damaging too!

We use a company called Groupcall whos portfolio comprises of Messenger, Emerge, Alert and Xporter. Groupcall was initially created to improve general and emergency communication between a school and its parents.

The parental communication system, Messenger, enables schools to send personalised SMS, voice or e-mail messages instantly to parents/students/staff or other contacts in a variety of languages. Emerge is the powerful app enabling schools to have an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly. The automated data solution product, Xporter is used in approximately 17,000 schools, and by over 65 education authorities and academy groups. This represents around 50% of English schools and the system is known to move information on approximately 5 Million students, every day. The Identity-as-a-service product (IDaaS) is used in many schools across the country. Alert enables business to send SMS, voice or e-mail messages to customers/staff/suppliers in a variety of languages in business critical situations such as business continuity planning.

To Register- If you are not already registered to use Groupcall.

Please pick up a registration form from the school office. By completing this form you will be signing up to receive communications from school only by email (and by text if appropriate) and you are agreeing to update us whenever your email or mobile numbers change. If you fail to notify us of changes you will not receive important communications from school.

Parents/Carers with No Email Facility

If you do not have access to email, you can opt to continue to receive paper copies from school simply by not completing the email boxes on the form. Please still supply us with your mobile numbers, as we are able to send text messages in certain circumstances.


Please be assured that Groupcall is registered with the Data Protection Register and guarantees that all information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation.