Values & Ethos

Goodwin Academy is a vibrant and happy school which strives for excellence in all we do.

In order to achieve this we have high expectations of everyone who joins us and have a set of values and principles that we want you to understand and try your best to uphold.


  • To enable all young people and adults of all backgrounds to become the best they can be personally and professionally


  • To enable all young people of all backgrounds to become world class leaders in the changing world they are growing  up in by providing them with the best education opportunities
  • To enable all adults of all backgrounds to become world class leaders in the changing world they work in by  providing them with the best developmental opportunities


  • To develop strong foundations for life through the operation of SchoolsCompany schools and delivering school improvement programmes worldwide
  • To ensure learning is about more than qualifications. All children should leave school not only with useful  qualifications but also with a belief in themselves and an ability to make a real contribution to their community, their  country and influence the changing world around them
  • To ensure the process of learning is a (predominantly) joyful experience for students and staff. Both students and staff  should be treated in a way that promotes a sense of trust, honesty and openness
  • To enable students and staff to learn most when structured risk taking is encouraged
    To seek high quality evidence, which is everything; data should guide our strategy
  • To eradicate disparity in the education sector and close the poverty gap
  • To ensure the financial status of any parent is not a barrier to their children’s access to the best education, all children  should have equal access to the best education globally
  • To ensure all our adults who will ultimately deliver the Vision and Mission of SchoolsCompany – are valued and cared  for as individuals and professionals, providing the best developmental opportunities for them to grow and become  the best they can be


  • Respect for self, each young person and adults
  • Honesty to challenge and support in a developmental and caring environment
  • Integrity to always do the right thing
  • Resilience to overcome and triumph against the odds and adversity
  • Non-negotiable commitment to self-improve and improve others
  • Trust to know we can rely and depend upon each other
  • Determination to realise and deliver an ambitious vision
  • Compassion for young people who are at the core of everything we do


The SchoolsCompany ‘PAD’     Passion + Ability + Determination = GREATNESS